At JACK & JONES, we create clothing with passion, creativity and respect for people and the planet. Our A/BETTER WORLD promise is all about designing better, producing better and becoming better, cleaning up the styles that will be on our shelves (and yours) for years to come. Every product has a story — a story about the materials that go into it, the manufacturers that make it and the innovations that are reducing its impact. Here are some of the stories we want to share.


We are raising the bar for sustainable jeans manufacturing with our Low Impact Denim. When you spot a pair with this label, you know it has been created using a socially and environmentally-conscious approach, from raw fibers to fabric dyeing, finishing, laundering and manufacturing. Think organic and recycled materials, water-saving dyestuffs and programs that promote the wellbeing of our workers — just as a few examples. Key to this concept is taking what we learn and incorporating it into our other products. Low Impact Denim is not a capsule collection; it is a blueprint for the future of JACK & JONES.


For us, better starts with the basics. So, we are incorporating certified organic cotton into more of our everyday essentials, like our Organic Basic T-Shirt, Crew and Hoodie. Organic cotton is free from pesticides, artificial fertilizers and genetic modification, making it better for people and the planet. Our Organic Basic styles are produced by one of our most innovative manufacturers in a factory that is partially powered by on-site solar energy, using high-tech, low-impact dyestuffs that require less water and energy


Our Recycled Puffer Jacket and Vest are a prototype for how we think synthetics can be used in fashion going forward. 100% of the polyester in them is made from recycled PET bottles, from the outer fabric and the lining right through to the padding, the care label, the thread and the zipper. They are designed with the end in mind – nearly every element is made from the same material so we can easily recycle and reuse the polyester in them once they inevitably get worn out.

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